Contact Center Analytics:
Actionable Intelligence at the Point of Service

One of the hottest areas projected for investment in the already heated contact center market is analytics.

The market is driven by increasing demand for predictive analytics, real-time monitoring capabilities, and integrating data from multiple customer channels and enterprise systems.

Join our panel of experts from UJET and Kustomer and learn how your organization can stay on target and provide excellent customer journeys.with powerful contact center analytics.

On this webcast we will cover:

-- How analytics improves performance and efficiency in your service organization
-- How to simplify analytics to drive impact
-- How to deliver stronger CX and with more optimized operational efficiencies
-- Research clearly supporting the importance of analytics to customer service success
-- Why customer service data should inform overall business growth

Bob Fernekees
VP and Group Publisher
Information Today, Inc.
Don't miss this live event on Wednesday, April 6th, 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET.

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Ben Goltz
Senior Solutions Consultant
Andrea Paul Salerno
Head of Research