Agile service models and the customer journey: Anticipating and meeting your customer’s needs

A day in the contact center can feel like riding a rollercoaster. One minute your contact volumes skyrocket. Then, within moments, your volume stabilizes and the team breathes a collective sigh of relief. Whether that surge is from a huge holiday sale or an unexpected outage in your service, those moments of high volume are filled with the same exhilaration, energy and panic you feel at the top of any amusement park ride.

Good news is that with right understanding of your customer journey, and the right service delivery model, you can feel less panicked and more prepared when those surges hit. Having a broad mix of service options across agents, bots, voice, digital and self-service helps you handle sudden interaction swings and makes responding to business changes as easy as turning your dials up and down.

Join Jeannie Walters of Experience Investigators and Lauren Comer of NICE inContact for Using Agile Service Models To Manage the Contact Center Rollercoaster.

This dynamic conversation will include a discussion on:

- Service delivery trends across channels including self-service and Artificial Intelligence
- Using customer journey mapping to determine which channels to incorporate and when
- How to increase agility, avoid agent interaction spikes, and improve agent utilization

With the right customer experience strategy and service tools, you don't have to "expect the unexpected" — because you're ready for it whenever it arrives.

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Jeannie Walters
Experience Investigators
Lauren Comer
Senior Product Marketing Manager
NICE inContact
Bob Fernekees
CRM magazine