Are you looking for technology tools to supercharge your B2B salesforce and create better alignment between your marketing team and your frontline sales team? This roundtable webcast will highlight tools that are focused on delivering actionable leads and closing sales in a B2B environment.

Our experts will discuss a wide range of sales and marketing tools for closing deals, including solutions for AI sales assistants, sales enablement, contract management, e-signatures, partner management, quote management, sales acceleration, sales analytics, sales gamification, and sales intelligence.

This roundtable webcast will offer practical tips for filling your sales pipeline, targeting high-probability opportunities, and shortening sales cycles. If your B2B sales and marketing teams work hand in hand to close deals in the real world, you should attend this web event.

Don't miss this live event on Wednesday, June 30th, 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET.

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