Virtual Contact Centers:
Business Continuity in Difficult Times

Virtual contact centers are thriving in today’s shelter-in-place and social distancing environment.

Fortunately, these technologies and systems have been able to evolve and mature for years because of other important drivers, but now we find that these same strengths are perfectly suited for today’s communications needs while protecting agents who can work from home.

Join our panel of experts from Calabrio, Genesys, Bold360, and Five9 on this important and topical roundtable webcast and learn how virtual contact center technologies can help your organization with business continuity and customer communications in this unprecedented time of self-isolation and crisis.

On this webcast, you will learn:

-- Tips for engaging and empowering work-from-home agents
-- How to make coaching effective when it’s not in-person
-- Why flexibility matters most
-- Quick wins with digital self-service for customer resolution and managing volume
-- How to learn from your engagements to optimize customer and employee experiences

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PRESENTERS       headshot
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Brad Snedeker
Director, Product Marketing
Bobbi Chester
Senior Director of Product Marketing
Chris Savio
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Bold360 by LogMeIn
Peter Milligan
Senior Manager of Portfolio Marketing