Customer Support Transformation


Today's consumers have tremendous expectations when it comes to choice, personalization, and customer service. For many businesses, competing on a customer experience (CX) value proposition without raising costs prohibitively is a real challenge. After all, everyone wants to deliver great CX.

Join our panel of experts from NICE Nexidia, Nuance, and Zendesk and learn how to execute a cost-effective customer service strategy while simultaneously increasing revenue through stronger customer loyalty and advocacy.

This webcast will provide these takeaways:

- Why the pandemic accelerates the need for AI-driven personalization
- Creating an AI-first, digital-first strategy to meet customer expectations
- Learn how organizations adopted digital approaches that improved customer and agent satisfaction
- How AI-driven routing improves CX and business results
- What the emerging trends are in customer interaction preferences
- How to sustain customer satisfaction when demand and capacity change day to day

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Michele Carlson
Sr Product Marketing Manager
NICE Nexidia
Chris Caile
Senior Solutions Marketing Manager
Bandar El-Eita
Head of Product Marketing Sunshine Platform
Bob Fernekees
CRM magazine