Customer Authentication,
Identity Resolution, and Voice Biometrics


One of the most frustrating aspects of contacting any company can be proving who you are. Customers are well aware of identity theft, security issues, and privacy concerns, so they are willing to put up with the inconvenience, but that doesn't mean they enjoy it.

You don't need to start every customer contact with the standard questions that waste time and cause friction.

Join our expert panelists from NICE, Neustar, and Infutor to learn how to streamline your authentication process for better marketing, customer experience, and security. We will cover the following topics:

-- How voice biometrics authentication strikes a balance between security and customer experience;
-- Why organizations need to be proactive in their fight against fraud by exposing unknown fraudsters;
-- What Stir/Shaken means for call center best practices;
-- The differences between probabilistic and deterministic caller authentication;
-- How top brands are resolving identity and personalizing engagements during the key moments; and
-- Why identifying consumers across channels and devices matters for marketers.

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Lior Artzi
Director of Product Management Multi-Channel Recording LOB
Lance Hood
Senior Director of Inbound Authentication
Elizabeth Morris
VP, Customer Engagement
Bob Fernekees
CRM magazine