Creating a Great Omnichannel Experience
Equals Great Customer Experiences


All omnichannel customer experiences use multiple channels, but not all multichannel experiences are omnichannel. Learn how creating a great omnichannel customer experience can help you overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic and thrive during the recovery.

Attend this roundtable webcast with expert panelists from Glance, Zendesk, UJET, and eGain and find out how leading brands are leveraging omnichannel CX to improve CSAT, drive revenue, and lower costs.

On this webcast, our panelists will discuss:

-- How omnichannel must evolve to better support CX in the mobile era
-- Why multimodal omnichannel is now table stakes
-- What digital-first, omnichannel experiences actually look like
-- Why digital-first customer engagement is so urgently needed now
-- How to help customers with faster and more accurate conversations wherever they are
-- How to start your journey with out-of-the-box tools that are quick to set up and easy to use

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PRESENTERS     headshot
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Tom Martin
Chief Executive Officer
Abhiroop Basu
Head of Product Marketing, Omnichannel Support Suite
Vasili Triant
Chief Business Officer
Sam Hahn
Technology Evangelist