Mobile-First Customer Care:
Many Channels, One Device


Smartphones are literally always accessible to customers—we check our phones at least 80 times a day, or every 12 minutes, according to one study. Yet in designing their customer service, many companies haven’t yet made the leap from a bygone era where customers used discrete channels and devices rather than their smartphones, which combine all the channels: voice, internet, SMS, chat, video, etc. Merely making traditional support channels accessible to mobile devices won’t cut it; you have to start with the idea that consumers will be starting with a mobile device rather than a desktop, laptop, or landline.

Join this webcast and learn what it means to have a mobile-first mindset when it comes to customer care that corresponds to the way customers actually use their mobile devices. By transforming the existing interaction model, you’ll ensure that you’re building an experience around customers’ needs instead of your needs.

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