Cross-Channel Consistency: The New Mandate in the Age of Digital Service

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As customer service moves to social and Web channels, providing a consistently excellent experience within and across all channels is the new name of the game.

The business world is inexorably moving toward increased use of digital channels to deliver customer service, according to an exclusive survey by Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services. This is already raising many concerns within customer service organizations, the most immediate of which is providing consistent service in an omni-channel world.

The BBRS survey revealed the following insights about customer service organizations in the next two years:

  • The desire to delight customers continues to move toward a "top priority" ranking for customer service organizations, with companies in North America and the EMEA region rating it at 2.64 and 2.59, respectively, by 2014 (with "3" being highest priority).
  • In two years' time, digitally enabled channels of customer service will become more important than in-person and phone-based channels. More respondents gave a "high importance" ranking to mobile, Web and social media channels in the 2014 timeframe than they did to traditional channels.