Don’t Keep Your Customers On Hold


Studies show that brands face an uphill battle when it comes to customer service. In today’s crowded, commoditized marketplace where 95% of consumers say customer service influences their brand loyalty, it makes sense that over 80% of businesses expect to be competing mainly on customer experience.

Making customers wait in queue to speak with a service representative is a key factor in this battle that puts brands in a vulnerable position. In addition to frustrating customers and impacting short-term returns, studies show that long wait times can also have a negative impact on long-term brand loyalty. For example, waiting on hold or having a slow response time is the most frustrating aspect of obtaining customer service assistance for 52% of consumers, and 60% of customers who are placed on hold for longer than a minute will hang up and not call back. Just one instance of this type of poor service can cause 33% of customers to consider switching their loyalty to a competitor.

In this white paper, we cover the current trends around customer service in relation to customer wait times and five ways to help brands improve call handling, streamline customer care operations, and boost their bottom line.