Disruptive Customer Engagement


Contact centers in the cloud: the new normal
In the year 2020, there can be no doubt that deploying contact center solutions in the cloud is “the new normal.” What began with a few solution providers building breakthrough software at the beginning of the decade has become the de facto standard. Virtually every company looking to refresh hardware-based legacy call centers more than 10 years old considers a cloud contact center solution for their next move. Why are companies choosing to move their contact center solutions to the cloud? 

• Customer expectations have changed. Companies now need to compete in a consumer-driven, digital world.
• Information technology managemeant is easier in the cloud—it’s faster to deploy, and maintenance and upgrades are handled by the cloud application provider.
• Contact center management needs visibility and insight to increase efficiency, lower cost, and reduce risk. With a secure digital workspace, managers don’t have to go into multiple applications to gather analytics—consolidated information can quickly be turned into actionable insights.
• The subscription model helps companies save time, money, and resources. There is no substantial initial capital outlay, companies don’t need to overprovision to handle peak (sometimes seasonal) needs, and the future will be free of major, forklift upgrades.

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