Your Guide to Choosing a Field Service Management Solution: 8 Things You Need to Ask Your Vendor


The process of learning more about something new often begins on a laptop or smartphone — anything with access to a search engine. So, go ahead and plug “field service management software” into a web search, but prepare to be overwhelmed. You’re likely to find a lot of marketing spin and strong opinions.

Some companies will tout capabilities that sound cutting edge, but don’t have practical applications for solving your needs, like automatically routing the right field service staff to the right location at the right time, empowering your staff with mobility and visibility, and ultimately achieving customer satisfaction and measurable ROI.

That’s why we’ve complied a guide to help you get started on your journey to choosing field service management software, including:
- Where to turn for insight and information, including the experts and your peers
- How to begin evaluating your business and staff needs
- Crucial questions to ask your potential field service management software vendors
- And what to expect during the implementation and evaluation phases