Elevate Your Sales Game: 3 Ways to Drive Peak Sales Performance With CPQ Cloud Solutions


Be Prepared: Sell at the Speed of Now

This is the new sales imperative. Today’s empowered customers have access to virtually endless information, allowing them to quickly engage, everywhere, all the time. Customers are educating themselves throughout the buying process, wherever they find the highest-quality information and have the best browsing experience.

By the time they engage with a sales rep, they’re 57% complete with their purchase decision. On top of rising customer expectations, sales professionals face an increasingly complex and multi-layered quote-to cash process. Different customer segments—large enterprises, government, small, and midsize companies—require different approaches to pricing, configuration, and quoting, as well as purchase order submission, visibility, and invoicing. Adding to the complexity, sales channels have multiplied to include ecommerce, mobile distributors, partners, resellers, and VARs with increasingly complex partner programs. Read now to learn 3 ways to drive revenue with CPQ Cloud.