2024 International Happiness Index


The results are in—AI plus the human touch drive customer happiness

What makes us happy? Extraordinary experiences. It’s true for customer interactions, too. Incredible interactions satisfy immediate needs for customers but also nurture trust and loyalty with the brand. But, even small moments of human connection make customers happy—97% of people feel happy after receiving an act of friendly service, big or small.

AI helps businesses create seamless, personalized CX that drives customer happiness and advocacy. With purpose-built AI, companies don’t have to choose between cold efficiency and warm human connection.

Explore the NICE International Happiness Index 2024 report to see how AI plus the human touch drive happiness in CX. See data that shows that everyday interactions with brands affects customer well-being to a surprising extent.

Key findings:

  • Acts of simple service create big opportunities to drive happiness
  • Most consumers are just as happy when receiving friendly interactions as they are freebies or discounts
  • 9 out of 10 consumers are willing to pay more for a customer experience that leaves them feeling happier
  • AI improves customer experiences for all generations by resolving issues faster

Make your customers happy with CX AI.