Not All AI Copilots Are Created Equal


Customer service employees are overworked. And consumer expectations are at an all-time high but 74% of agents say they have to use 3-8 apps to access customer information. Agents need help. Our whitepaper breaks down why Enlighten Copilot is the only AI for CX employee solution you will need.

 -Empowered agents: Enlighten Copilot enhances agent performance with real-time summaries and expert answers, ensuring personalized and efficient customer interactions.
 -Strategic supervision: AI-driven monitoring and coaching empower supervisors, fostering a responsive contact center environment.
 -Overall impact: The platform delivers tangible advantages, improving employee experience, driving operational efficiency, and elevating customer satisfaction.
 -Cutting-edge innovation: Built on world-class AI models, Enlighten Copilot ensures robust performance and keeps your organization at the forefront of AI innovation.
 -Trusted excellence: With seamless data integration and consistently relevant AI-generated answers, Enlighten Copilot is the trusted choice for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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