Xerox embraces innovation to transform service delivery for customers


ServiceNow provided Xerox with the platform for transformational results by overhauling its core processes including performance analytics to optimize field work, and process optimization to remove redundancies. ServiceNow Field Service Management (FSM) is at the heart of it all. Field Service Management has helped to unlock 53 minutes of productive time per technician, per day.

With ServiceNow and CareAR, technicians can take additional measures to proactively address issues that may arise in the future. "More than half of our customers can now solve their problem at their first touchpoint with us," explains Tony Kehl, Vice President, Delivery North America West. "We're reducing the number of trips the technicians are having to take to visit the customer." By reducing truck rolls, Xerox has cut its carbon emissions by 594 metric tons in just 12 months.