Realize Cost Savings and Improve CSAT with Smart Digital


A proliferation of digital self-service options are now being implemented and utilized by brands in all industries and there are opex reductions and satisfaction gains to be achieved.

There is a problem, however, with self-service. A mere nine percent of the customer inquiries that begin in self-service are resolved there. Furthermore, VoC research shows customers want more sophistication in the self-service tools that are available to them. With insight from Irish Life, Pendragon, and NICE, the CX Network strategy update Personalize CX with data-driven self-service, details how organizations can strike the balance between the customer and enterprise experience to drive better overall CX.

Download this report to discover:

• How to understand customer intents at scale
• When to extract and utilize sentiment and behavior insights from omnichannel interaction data
• Which customer priorities should drive the build-out of self-service channels