Case Study: Double Your Win Rates with LRM Automations


Chetu Inc., a global provider of software development solutions and support services, was seeking a tool that could manage their leads, provide sales enablement, and offer a learning management platform, all from a centralized system that their sales team could easily access.

Their primary goal was to improve their team’s effectiveness at closing sales and to keep current and new sales members compliant to their sales process. To solve their problems, TigerLRM provided Chetu with a user-friendly CRM that could perform advanced sales enablement automations and allow for digital materials, such as training or marketing content, to be managed, updated, and shared seamlessly within an organization. 

This case study covers how a worldwide software company struggling with an over-complicated CRM, sales process and inconsistent sales training was able to improve the way they manage their lead process and deliver their sales process and training programs from an all-in-one solution resulting in more closed deals.