Never Compromise the Customer Experience: Why Integrating UCaaS and CCaaS is Key


Even with the best communication technologies in your arsenal, customers can have fragmented, poor experiences. When employees in customer-facing departments can’t collaborate in real time, organizations face an uphill challenge to deliver seamless customer interactions.

Customers are leaving faster than ever because it’s easy to switch providers of almost anything. In fact, 75% of brands could be easily replaced. That’s just one of the alarming stats gleaned in the Meaningful Brands report by Havas Group, a public relations company.

Technology isn’t the only factor to consider when assessing your customer experience program. Yet, UCaaS and CCaaS are indispensable since they have a high impact on the customer experience. Despite the surge in unified communications, many firms haven’t integrated it with their contact centers. This guide helps you better understand how to capitalize on both platforms and render a superior experience for customers.