New Research – Coupons and Gift Cards for Dealing with Angry Customers


Contact centers have been facing one of their greatest challenges in recent memory, spurred by the ongoing pandemic. With the drastic increase in call volume, comes higher levels of orders, but also significant challenges with orders. Organizations realize that it’s easier to retain a customer than to acquire a new one and forward-thinking organizations are taking customer appeasement to a higher level to quickly deescalate difficult customer situations.

In our new research, we gain insights from 1,225 consumers on how customer service departments can turn a disappointed customer into a satisfied customer through the use of customer appeasement coupons and gift cards.

Also explores new technologies that:

  • Companies can use to proactively improve customer satisfaction and retention through a customer appeasement program. Based on the research, an effective program includes the following elements.
  • Enables CSRs to deliver a single-use digital coupon or gift card to the customer.
  • Resolves issues immediately by enabling CSRs to deliver appeasements in the moment.
  • Provides ability for CSRs to send the coupon or gift card via the customer’s preferred digital channel: chat, text, email, social media.
  • Is easy for CSRs to use, while providing management controls and insights.