State of Sales and Marketing Alignment 2021: Findings from The Largest Sales And Marketing Alignment Survey


Macaroni and cheese. Bacon and eggs. Sales and marketing.

All of them should make the perfect team. But somewhere along the line, sales and marketing have developed deep-rooted differences that need resolution. As organizations grow, this rift widens as the two teams act like two different organizations that plan, execute, and optimize two separate processes for the same buyer.

The problem needs to be fixed because 87% of sales and marketing professionals say collaboration between sales and marketing is critical to business growth, suggests a 2020 LinkedIn report. Ironically,  9 in 10 professionals agree that they are misaligned across strategy, content, process, and culture, finds the same report.

To develop a deeper understanding of what exactly is going wrong, Freshworks interviewed 1200+ global sales and marketing professionals - the largest-ever survey on sales and marketing alignment.

The results are eye-opening.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How does alignment impact organization growth and why sales leaders need to care about this
  • How do sales and marketing leaders perceive each other - what kind of performance impact do they have on each other’s KPIs and metrics
  • Role of tech in forging this alignment - what it means on a tactical level and how to put it into practice