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March 08, 2021

CRM Featured Articles

Microsoft Announces Dynamics 365 Capabilities at Ignite Event

Updates to Microsoft Dynamics include a slew of new capabilities and Teams integrations.


First-Party Data Is Marketers’ Secret Ingredient for Customer Loyalty

What does the demise of the third-party cookie mean for marketers? That you must develop a powerful first-party data strategy to win the trust and loyalty of your customers.

5 Trends Driving the Future of Customer Service in 2021 and Beyond

Companies need to rethink operations amid the ongoing work-from home frenzy. (Featured on

CRM Across the Wire

Medallia Moves to Acquire Decibel

Medallia expands its capabilities in digital experience analytics with its acquisition of Decibel for $160 million

Smart and White Ops Partner on Safeguards Against Digital Ad Fraud

White Ops Advertising Integrity provides Smart with protection against ad fraud across devices, formats, and buying models.

RRD Launches Suite of 3D Solutions

R.R. Donnelly's 3D solutions help companies with retail, manufacturing, marketing, supply chain, and more.

Neustar Introduces TRUSTID Decisions

Neustar's TRUSTID Decisions suite offers automated access to cross-channel customer contact intelligence.

TTEC Acquires Avtex

TTEC is acquiring fellow customer experience technology and services provider AVTEX. (Featured on

Pypestream Launches Customer Engagement Center on AWS

Pypestreams's conversational AI plataform has been built on Amazon Web Services and automatically escalates to Amazon Connect. (Featured on

SearchUnify Launches Customer Support Suite

SearchUnify's customer support and self-service apps are designed to increase agent productivity.