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July 24, 2019


How Yesterday’s Direct Marketing Evolved into Today’s Customer Relationship Marketing

A person's change of address used to be a major marketing trigger. Now the triggers are everywhere.

Empower Agents with Modern Tools to Deliver Great Customer Service

Customer service agents face many challenges, but a modern agent desktop could be the answer. (Featured on

Front Office

AI Is Top of Mind for Everyone in CRM

The consumer uses for AI are numerous, but just as real are the business use cases.

CRM Across the Wire

Bright Pattern Partners with Zappix

Bright Pattern partners with Zappix to deliver on-demand customer service and omnichannel contact center capabilities.

Sitecore Updates Experience Platform, Content Hub, and Managed Cloud Services

Updates to Sitecore Experience Platform, Sitecore Content Hub, and Sitecore Managed Cloud Services enable greater personalization across more digital touchpoints.

Sandvine Launches Real-Time Subscriber Insights

Real-Time Subscriber Insights helps companies reduce customer support contacts with intelligence about app usage and more.

Glassbox Partners with Microsoft

Glassbox will provide Microsoft customers with its digital customer management solution for web and mobile apps as a Premium Co-Sell partner.