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June 05, 2019


3 Reasons Why CRM Systems Are Even More Important for Small Businesses

Customers expect to have closer relationships with small businesses, so having a CRM platform that is flexible, easy to use, and provides a 360-degree view of their history with you is critical.

New Metrics for the Era of the Customer

Traditional key performance indicators need to be combined with new technologies, like customer journey analytics, to allow companies to anticipate and meet customer needs. (Featured on

Customer Experience

Customer Engagement Has a New Destination: the Digital Hotel

Branded social communities can be re-imagined as rooms hosting private meetings, public seminars, and places to socialize

CRM Across the Wire

Pega Launches Customer Empathy Advisor, AI Connectors at PegaWorld

Customer Empathy Advisor helps businesses tune AI to forge more mutually-beneficial relationships

Serviceaide Adds to Luma's Capabilities

The Luma upgrade delivers new automation and skills-building capabilities to Serviceaide's virtual agent.

Calabrio Acquires WFO Provider Teleopti

Calabrio will add Teleopti's workforce management solutions to its own customer experience offerings.

IBM Launches Watson Ads Builder

Watson Ads Builder enables do-it-yourself conversational design.

SessionM Shares Data with DMPs

SessionM is now helping marketers maximize their data management platforms for targeted digital advertising and look-alike acquisition campaigns.