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April 08, 2019

CRM Featured Articles

Forrester’s Consumer Marketing 2019: Building Dynamic Relationships with Customers

Speakers at the event addressed a range of topics with the potential to impact marketers, with a focus on the direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model.

Top CMOs Generate Higher Returns, Accenture Study Finds

Business leaders who prioritize customer experience generate 11 percent higher shareholder returns.


The Key Players You Need on Your Customer Experience Dream Team

The ideal CX department needs people with backgrounds in analytics, stortytelling, and innovation. (Featured on

Front Office

Who Really Wins with Vendor Consolidation?

Companies can focus on customer service and process improvements instead of constantly purchasing, integrating, configuring, and customizing complex software.


6 Customer Service Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Forrester warns against assuming that customer service and customer experience are the same

CRM Across the Wire

SoGoSurvey Integrates with Zapier

The integration enables users to connect SoGoSurvey to more than 1,400 apps to automate workflows and migrate data.

Zappix Launches Digital Feedback Solution

Zappix has enhanced its survey capabilities, adding proactive customer feedback opportunities and more robust insights.

True Influence Launches IntentBase 3.0

InsightBase 3.0 advanced intent signal monitoring solution now features proprietary intent and new contact records

Lytics Launches Audience Discovery

Audience Discovery segments consumers into those least likely and most likely to convert.

Validity Launches Validity Trust Assessments for Data Quality

Validity Trust Assessments help businesses identify and fix customer data quality issues.

MadCap Software Adds Authoring for Chatbots and AI with Latest Releases

MadCap Flare expands features for web and print-based content with micro content authoring, a Zendesk plugin, CSS variables, Chinese UI, and more; MadCap Central offers a completely redesigned UI.