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March 19, 2018


In Today's Contact Centers, Knowledge Is Power

It's time contact centers got omnichannel and used analytics to keep track of all the ways customers can communicate with them. (Featured on

7 Trends That Are Transforming Sales and Marketing

Personalization and new technologies continue to reshape the business landscape. Here are the emerging sales and marketing trends that can help you stay ahead of the competition.


Marketing Budget Growth Stalls

After three years of increases, marketing leaders are now under pressure to show results

The Tipping Point

‘Chatbot Hell’ Can’t Become a Thing

Let's not re-create the bad customer experience known as ‘IVR hell' with chatbots. Please.

CRM Across the Wire Launches Social Suite

Social Suite unifies social media management, online reviews and customer surveys in a single platform.

CallMiner Updates Eureka Analytics Engine

CallMiner Eureka update combines real-time and after-call analytics at 10 times the previous capacity. (Featured on

NewVoiceMedia Drops Spring '18 Release

NewVoiceMedia has unveiled a fully integrated omnichannel solution as part of its Spring '18 release. (Featured on

Lexalytics Builds Support for Emoji 11.0

Lexalytics' text analytics solutions can now make sense of the new emojis that are due for release in June.

Datorama Introduces LiteConnect for Marketing Data Visualization and Insights

Datorama LiteConnect translates marketing data into dashboards and analyzes it.

Genesys Integrates with Salesforce Service Cloud Lightning

Native integration to Salesforce Service Cloud Lightning offers businesses more control and flexibility in orchestrating the customer journey across multiple communication channels. (Featured on

oneAudience Integrates with Adobe Analytics Cloud

oneAudience has added mobile-driven audiences to Adobe Analytics Cloud's Audience Manager.