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December 20, 2017


Robot Wars: Bots Vs. IVAs

Bots and IVAs aren't necessarily mutually exclusive; they perform different functions, so they can coexist. (Featured on

5 Ways to Take the Surprises Out of Marketing

Unpredictability is fine for fiction, but less so if you're trying to manage efficient campaigns that produce effective results. Here's how marketers can tame the chaos.

Case Studies

Scott’s Cheap Flights Lands Its Messages with ActiveCampaign

A travel deal notification service provider engages subscribers with email marketing automation and small-business CRM software

Voice of the Customer

B2B Companies Are Falling Behind in Customer Experience

They're failing to deliver on three key customer demands.

CRM Across the Wire

Time Is Key to Getting Online Shoppers to Write Product Reviews

Online shoppers lack time and incentive from businesses to write product reviews, according to new survey.

Cali Group Pilots Face-Based Loyalty Program

AI-enabled self-ordering kiosks are being tested at one of the restaurant chain's CaliBurger locations.

MindTickle Partners with Winning By Design

Winning By Design makes its sales blueprints and training modules available on MindTickle's platform.

Janrain Integrates to Protect Customer Data

Janrain links its customer identity and access management event data to security information and event management solutions.