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May 01, 2017

CRM Featured Articles

CRM Evolution, Day 2: Defining Customer Engagement, and How to Refine It

Like any relationship, it requires a lot of work.

Oracle Adds Adaptive Intelligent Apps and Chatbots to Its CX Cloud

The features draw on artificial intelligence to drive customer experience.

Magazine Features

Tips for Maximizing CRM Investments

It's good to have a powerful CRM system, but one that is useful offers the best payoff


6 Ways to Foster a Deeper Connection with Your Customers

Stepping into their shoes and enlisting them in your efforts are just two of the ways to build a bridge to the people who make your business possible.

The Secret to Successful Outbound Contact Is Sincerity and a Few Small, Logical Steps

Congressional Federal Credit Union's use case shows companies can get outbound customer communications right. (Featured on

Front Office

CRM Is More Than Just Technology

Businesses can't rely solely on their system vendors to keep their CRM solutions up to date, functional, and otherwise used by employees.

CRM Across the Wire

ConvergeHub Integrates with Google Drive

Users of ConvergeHub can work on documents stored in Google Drive directly from within their CRM systems.

VirtualPBX Launches Desktop Softphone and Salesforce CRM Integration

To complement the release of Dash Plan options, VirtualPBX is also introducing a VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone Salesforce CRM integration.

DNN Announces Liquid Content Channels for Omnichannel Publishing

With Liquid Content, marketers can assemble content and publish it seamlessly to devices, apps, social channels, and websites.

Zilliant Launches Zilliant IQ

Zilliant IQ uses AI and sophisticated predictive models to help users maximize share and profit growth.

Crimson Hexagon Deepens Partnership with Twitter

Crimson Hexagon has expanded its partnership with Twitter to scale social insights across enterprises and advance big data analytics.

ConversationDriver Relaunches as Outbound

Along with the corporate rebranding, Outbound has expanded its line of sales automation tools.