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November 28, 2016

CRM Featured Articles

Oracle Launches IoT Accelerator to Pair IoT with Service Cloud

Oracle has launched IoT Accelerator, an integration package to allow companies to leverage insights gathered from the Internet of Things (IoT) via the company's IoT Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud. (Featured on


The New CRM: More Vertical, More Data-Driven

The next generation of CRM will be for the real estate broker finding a home for a newlywed couple, the architect managing projects and client referrals, or the pharmaceutical rep connecting a healthcare provider with a groundbreaking drug.

Contact Center Staffing Gaffes

Here are a few things to avoid as you ramp up your contact center agent counts. (Featured on


Required Reading: Searching for Jobs to Be Done

Companies must actively anticipate customer needs, rather than wait to hear what they are

Advocate Marketing Has Four Personality Types

Knowing where customers fall can improve contacts with them and their followers

CRM Across the Wire

Jive Launches Jive Contact Center

Jive Contact Center is a cloud-based application designed to increase efficiencies for incoming calls.

VisualVault Releases Business Analytics Functionality

Advanced business analytics enable clients to gain insight into structured and unstructured data captured within high-volume business processes as well as statistics related to system performance.

Extole Launches Loyalty & Membership

Extole Loyalty & Membership helps retailers reward new customers at signup and advocates post-purchase.

SaleCycle Adds Email Features for Retargetting

SaleCycle launches email solutions to enable companies to target visitors with automated, personalized emails wherever they are in the buying journey.