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May 19, 2014

CRM Featured Articles

DBTA Data Summit Day 2: Big Data Strategy Means Finding the Right Tools for the Right Job

People, processes, and emerging technologies are driving the shift in big data.

At SuiteWorld's Second Day, NetSuite's Evan Goldberg Introduces B2B Customer Center

New product enhancements bring greater attention to mobile, simplified user interfaces, and tighter integrations.

At SuiteWorld, NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson Talks CRM Expansion

Keynote highlights convergence of CRM, ERP, and e-commerce systems.

Big Data Is Bringing Big Changes, Speakers at DBTA Data Summit Agree

Traditional processing and modeling approaches 'just don't cut it anymore.'


Is Your Customer in the Driver's Seat?

Here's how interaction analytics can put your business back in control. (Featured on

The Changing Face of the Financial Services Industry

In an information age, data becomes the new source of value.

Case Studies

URX Drives Repeat Traffic to SeatGeek's Mobile App

Ad retargeter helps ticket aggregator's ad click-through rate rise to triple the industry average.

Reality Check

WFM Growth Brings Choices and Challenges

For some companies, ease of use is winning out over functionality.

CRM Across the Wire

Adobe Adds Advanced Capabilities to Adobe Analytics

Changes to Adobe Analytics include predictive analytics capabilities and live stream.

Adobe Redefines Digital Advertising with Predictive Modeling

Major advancements in Adobe Media Optimizer Introduces Salesforce1 for Financial Services unveils lead and referral engine for retail banking as the first in a series of financial services solutions.

SAP Moves Analytics to the HANA Cloud

Companies can now deploy analytics in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Melissa Data Adds Global Address Verification and Auto-Completion to CRM and Ecommerce Data Quality Tool

Express Entry Web service verifies address information for more than 240 countries and territories.