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January 06, 2014

CRM Featured Articles

Forrester Releases Wave Report on Social Media Marketing

Seven companies are named as top providers of social media marketing management.

Oracle to Acquire Responsys

The software giant will incorporate Responsys' offerings into its Marketing Cloud.

Converge Enterprise Adds Multichannel Marketing Capabilities

Marketers at small and midsized businesses can now reach customers in new channels.

Information Technology Purchases to Grow 6 Percent in 2014

Forrester report predicts hottest categories will be SaaS and analytics.

Magazine Features

Marketing in the Wake of a Disaster

Lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy.


Five Actions to Sustain Customer Service Improvement Initiatives

Keep your company from falling short of success.

Recording Customer Service Phone Calls: Permissible or Penal?

The seemingly innocent practice of recording customer service phone calls is one of the most hotly contested issues facing courts and businesses today. Fortunately, the tide has begun to change. (Originally appeared on

Front Office

Is Marketing After a Disaster Exploitative?

CRM Across the Wire

Pyramid Analytics Launches BI Office Version 5.0

Newfeatures, functionalities, and complete mobile accessibility highlight the BI Office 5.0 release.

Freshdesk Launches Android Customer Support App

The new app lets agents deal with customer inquiries from anywhere.