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December 18, 2013

CRM Featured Articles

Biscom’s SecureMail Delivers Secure File Transfer for SMBs

The new cloud-based SecureMail promises government-level security.


Ease Customers into the Cloud Without Creating Storms

Consider a hybrid cloud support model for a simpler transition.


Enter Word of Mouse Marketing

How businesses can benefit from the latest technology innovations.

Reality Check

Manage Forecasts with Metrics, Not Hunches

Look to big data, sales analytics for accurate insights.

CRM Across the Wire

Splice Software to Release Dialog Dashboard

Dialog Dashboard becomes the latest part of the Splice Dialog Suite for building and measuring campaigns.

Sailthru Mobile Launches

Commerce brands can now personalize mobile promotions based on enhanced Smart Data customer profiles.

Rakuten Deepens Its Partnership with LiveRamp

Rakuten MediaForge chooses LiveRamp to bridge the gap between customer databases and online marketing.

Avtex and ComputerTalk Partner

Partnership between Avtx and ComputerTalk extends unified communications to the contact center environment.