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April 26, 2010

CRM Featured Articles

With SuiteCloud 2.0, NetSuite Tries to Clear the Cloud of Myths

SuiteCloud '10: Distinguishing the real from the fake, CEO Zach Nelson announces some very real deals around cloud-to-cloud integration, vertical extensions, and code-less workflow development.

Is Genesys 8 the Eighth Wonder?

G-Force '10: Genesys Telecommunications Labs' updated customer service suite promises to manage customer conversations across channels and time.


Conserve (and Capitalize On) Conversation

An enterprise resource management system can help identify contacts and relationships by analyzing email content.

Pint of View

Hear Kitty Kitty

Think CRM with your customers is complex? Try it with your cat sometime.


Re:Tooling — Speech Analytics: Seeking What's Inside

Why speech analytics is starting to get a little more than recognition.

Case Studies

Classroom in the Clouds

An Arizona State University outreach program cuts costs and carbon by going virtual.