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November 02, 2009

CRM Featured Articles

The Great Data Debate

eMetrics '09: The Web has the potential to change the way companies and consumers interact, but how to make that happen is still up in the air.


Finding the Value of Findability

Knowledge management is the path to content management success.


Who Do You Trust About Trust?

What to do with conflicting research from reputable sources.

Required Reading: In Us We Trust

Chris Brogan, co-author of the new "Trust Agents," explains why there's no better relationship than one built on trust.

That's Not Fair!

A British initiative called Treating Customers Fairly focuses on the consumer.

Market Focus: Sports & Entertainment -- First Star I Tweet Tonight

Even a diehard fan wants to know the person behind it all.

Required Reading: Measuring Your Marketing

The author of The Marketing Performance Measurement Toolkit tries to help marketers identify what "success" really means.

Case Studies

Driving Bigger Sales Down Under

The TAS Group steers FleetPartners toward its sweet spot with an influx of higher-quality deals.

Marketing to the Money Men

A wholesale provider of financial services tools finds a way to reach a better class of financial adviser.

Analytics Are Just the Ticket

In-depth analysis of online activity helps Rail Europe get its Web operations back on track.