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January 19, 2009

CRM Featured Articles

Barnes and Noble Tops Customer Experience List

Only 11 percent of companies were considered "excellent" in Forrester's second annual Customer Experience Index (CxPi) Rankings.

A New Destination for Mobile Users

New online community offers mobile computer users the chance to help reinvent product development.

Predictive Analytics Can Pinpoint Profitable Customers

Customer retention is one thing. Identifying the right ones to retain is another.

Magazine Features

Email: What’s Inside?

There are several layers to effective email messaging. Delivery is the first one, but getting customers to open and act on emails is what matters.


Ensuring the Integrity of Shared Information

Dynamic documents extend the lifespan of your work.


The Marketing Line for ’09

Having already endured nearly two years of economic decline, a bleak forecast means marketers are in for a bumpy year.

Secret of My Success

Music in the Key of Savings

Yamaha cuts down on its paper trail and customer-correspondence time with an electronic-signature tool.