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July 06, 2022

CRM Featured Articles

Dash Calls Customer Insights and Feedback Technologies Critical

Growth in the customer insights and feedback market is being fueled by digital transformation and artificial intelligence adoption, according to Dash Research.


The Power of AI in Enhancing the Customer Experience

An artificial intelligence framework will be needed to monitor and optimize the performance of technology, people, and processes in the contact center of the future. (Featured on

CRM Across the Wire

Talkwalker Launches Forecasting

Talkwalker Forecasting is an artificial intelligence-powered predictive analytics hub.

Glia Launches ChannelLess SMS and Outbound Calling

Glia's ChannelLess SMS and Outbound Calling makes texts and phone calls part of the seamless digital experience.

Dashbot Launches Conversational Data Cloud

Dashbot's Conversational Data Cloud provides a centralized view of all chatbot data.

Gong Launches Economic Pulse

Gong's Economic Pulse functionality surfaces when economic triggers are mentioned in customer interactions.

Syncfusion Introduces BoldDesk

Syncfusion's BoldDesk is a customer support solution for automating ticket processes. (Featured on

SupportLogic Launches Agent Coaching and Evaluation (ACE)

SupportLogic's Agent Coaching and Evaluation is designed to offer greater manager productivity, enhanced employee engagement, and increased CSAT. (Featured on