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June 13, 2022

CRM Featured Articles

Genesys Commits to Aiding Businesses in Digital Transformation at Xperience Event

Customers want digital interactions that are fast and efficient, but data backlogs are preventing companies from delivering, Genesys xPerience speakers warned. (Featured on

New Business Rules Require Data Democratization, Forrester CX Speakers Urge

Forrester CX North America Day 2 keynoters highlighted the importance of the right people having access to the right data in the right context to best impact customer experience.

Going Digital Still Requires Empathy, Genesys Xperience Speakers Stress

Genesys highlights expanded capabilities and customer successes with a multitude of digital solutions that keep humans in mind, executives said at the company's user conference. (Featured on

Magazine Features

Sales Presentation Tools Evolve to a Go-to-Customer Approach

Sales meetings look different today, but enough tools exist to help design content for them.


Know Your Customers’ Lifetime Value

If you understand the CLV of each customer, you effectively have a list telling you which customers offer the most promise—and where to invest your marketing dollars.

How Web Portals Can Streamline Customer Support

The following four web portal capabilities are essential for providing high-level customer support. (Featured on

CRM Across the Wire

ActiveCampaign Adds Custom Objects Building Functionality

ActiveCampaign customers will now be able to build their own custom objects directly within the app, no coding required.

ProTexting Introduces Shopify Abandoned Cart SMS Reminders

With ProTexting, businesses can now send automated text messages to customers who leave items in their online shopping carts, reminding them to complete purchases.

Folloze Launches Buyer Experience Platform 3.0

Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0 offers new design tools and data insights.

LinkedIn Adds to Sales Navigator, B2B Marketing

New features is LinkedIn's Sales Navigator quarterly update include revised search, leads, and data features and a Gong integration.

Salesforce Adds Customer 360 Innovations Across Commerce and Marketing Clouds

Salesforce's Marketing and Commerce Clouds get connected data and automation capabilities.

Neustar Joins Salesforce AppExchange

Neustar offers its Unified Identity with Salesforce CDP on the AppExchange.

Dialpad Adds Ai CSAT to its Customer Intelligence Offering

Dialpad Ai CSAT is a real-time predictive engine for customer satisfaction that provides visibility into 100 percent of calls. (Featured on