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August 02, 2021

CRM Featured Articles

Local Advertising to Rebound As America Reopens, BIA Predicts

BIA Advisory Services has revised its local ad spending projections upward, with greater movement on digital platforms.


Is Customer Service the New Marketing?

From fair policies to seamless user experience and thoughtful after-sales service, making customer service part of your marketing strategy is a win-win for you and your customers. (Featured on

Voice of the Product: Devices Are Talking, and It’s Time We Start Listening

We are missing out on an important part of the equation between a customer and a business: the product. It is time to start giving it a voice.

Scouting Report

The Transformational Value of Interaction Analytics

With so much in flux, IA can alert executives about the state of their customers and employees

CRM Across the Wire

MessageGears Releases Data Variables Segmentation Tool

MessageGears' Data Variables allows marketers to choose from pre-defined, customer-centric data points when creating and sending marketing messages.

SOCi Acquires Brandify

SOCi's acquisition of Brandify adds functionality to its marketing platform.

InMobi Exchange Integrates with In-App Header Bidding Solutions

InMobi's header bidding integration provides visibility into available ad impressions and lets companies place competitive bids for that inventory.

Ooma to Offer UJET Contact Center Solutions

Ooma's partnership with UJET brings together unified communications and customer experience management. (Featured on

BlueConic Launches Data Clean Room Solution

BlueConic's data clean room facilitates second-party data sharing.

Klaviyo  Adds Price-Drop Trigger, Multi-Step Forms, A/B Testing, and a Reports Library

Klaviyo has added features to its marketing automation and customer data platforms.

Nimble Launches Lead Pipelines

Nimble Lead Pipelines accelerate prospect qualification.