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April 2020

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Saved by Zero (Contact Resolution)

Automation is taking away the need for agents to get involved in many interactions

7 Steps to Heat Up Cold Calling

Cold calling has become more challenging as technology has evolved, but it still offers a prime opportunity to land a new deal

Get Back to Basics with Direct Mail

Companies still find value in letting the post office deliver their customer messaging

Front Office

With Direct Mail, the Same Marketing Rules Apply

When done right, direct mail marketing can lead to good or very good returns. When done poorly, it can have damaging consequences.

Reality Check

Is Your Business Tapping into All Available Data Sources?

Acquisition, automation, and augmentation can help overcome data management challenges


When Designing Customer Engagement Programs, Remember: Style Matters

Interfaces should be simple and intuitive, but also visually appealing

The Last Line

To Succeed in Customer Service, Forget the Rule Your Parents Taught You

Why is my preference assumed to be your preference?

Customer Experience

For Salespeople, It’s All About the Interface

Tools that are both useful and intuitive will improve customer relationships as well

Small Biz Buzz

Video and LinkedIn: A Match Made In Business Heaven

Here's some advice from a not-quite video pro


Aggressive Negotiations Are Still Key to Sales Success

Sales leaders who dictate the terms of deals have a better chance of closing them

Browsers Respond to Consumer Distaste for Cookies

Google is following Apple's and Mozilla's moves to block third-party cookies, but what are the alternatives?

Consumers Fear Facial Recognition

A GetApp survey finds consumers wary of firms capturing such personal data

Required Reading: How a Lack of Innovation Can Lead to Nincompoopery

Don't drive your customers crazy--here's what to do about it.

Sales Analytics Show Strong ROI, Gartner Finds

Coaching and skills development uses deliver the largest benefit

Top Companies Consider Values, Not Just Value

Consumers prefer doing business with firms with a conscience, Accenture finds


Greyhound Rides High with SurveyMonkey

Survey tools lead the bus carrier to better responses to customer feedback

Nosto Helps Industry West Furnish Shoppers with Personalization

The home decor retailer's website is optimized with AI to improve conversions

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