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March 2008

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The Markets Within the Masses

When marketers try to reach a particular demographic, the successes -- and failures -- reflect on all of us.

Online Exclusive: The Making of a Multicultural Campaign

A destinationCRM.com supplement to the March 2008 CRM magazine cover story.

In Search Of...

New technologies make searching for internal documents as easy as surfing the Web. What's that got to do with CRM?

Selling CRM to Your Sales Force

They're set in their ways, stubbornly independent, and resistant to change. But your staff doesn't have to be your toughest sale.

Front Office

Do You, Bagel, Take This Balela?

Preserving cultures in America is a growing phenomenon -- one that marketers would be wise to address.

Reality Check

The Longitude of Experience

Reconsidering the life cycle of customer interaction.

Customer Centricity

Your Customers Are Everywhere

Beyond the comfy confines of your corporate Web site, people are talking -- and complaining.

The Tipping Point

Bringing Science to Sales

Existing CRM deployments can help with mastering the art of the deal.


Everything Is Social

The word is everywhere now: social networks, social frameworks, social platforms.

Pint of View

The Power of Habit

Green beer and parades will rule the day, and we shall rue it.


Re-shoring Contact Centers

A rise in customer dissatisfaction with offshore contact centers has many companies looking to relocate closer to home.

NetSuite's Sweet Ride Takes Another Turn

After what one analyst called a "painfully long" anticipation, the on-demand CRM vendor finally goes public

SaaS X.0?

The next wave of on-demand computing may just be another trendy "2.0" label.

On The Scene: Retailers Dream Big

In the face of new challenges, design and creativity are seen as key factors

Market Focus: Automotive -- Detroit: Driven to Distraction

Facing fierce competition from imports and a weakening economy, the automotive industry targets long-term customer satisfaction.

Required Reading: Your Employees Matter, Too

destinationCRM Dashboard: March 2008

Highlights from online news stories.



Quixtar's Quick Fix

An easy-to-use business intelligence project sparks innovative reporting without additional personnel.

Travelocity's New Traveling Companion

Chasing Down First-Call Resolution

A credit-card company reduces agent strain and finds answers faster with Enkata.

Governing Better Marketing

Varonis excels beyond Excel and into marketing automation.

Secret of My Success

Knowledge Network Gets Organized, 21st-Century Style

Canadian public broadcaster uses InfoStreet StreetSmart to better plan media productions--and to finally put an end to a clunky email system.


Tech Solution: Master Data Management

Business Problem: Companies need to integrate disparate information.

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