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December 2007

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It's All Coming 2.0gether

As 2007 ends, and 2008 looms ahead of us, patterns are beginning to emerge: The future of business may not be in the hands of the executives, but those of the customer instead. And yet, hasn't it always been that way?

Power to the People

Now that consumers can create content of their own, marketers no longer control the message. If you can't lead the conversation, you'd better learn how to be part of it.

Speak Up!

11 strategies to ensure that you're hearing your customers loud and clear.

Front Office

Social Networking: The Harbinger of Trust

The one overarching trend that will likely make an indelible mark on customer-centric strategies will involve social networking in a big way.

Reality Check

Playing at the Speed of the New

When online businesses put customer feedback to use quickly, customers begin to expect it from all companies.

Customer Centricity

The Democratization of Technology

New systems will unleash a new round of creativity in business applications.

The Tipping Point

Mastering Customer Records

How services-oriented architecture will shape the future of CRM: Part One in a four-part series.

Pint of View

The Dark Side of the Search Engine

Will a sage oracle sap your nice salesforce?


SAP's Midmarket Design

SAP Business ByDesign is the company's new on-demand midmarket product; much of its success hinges on SAP's channel strategy.

A Shift in SAP's Growth Strategy: Buy Big to Get Bigger

The company's planned acquisition of analytics powerhouse Business Objects represents the largest in company history.

The Buyer Is Your Owner

Forward thinkers come together to learn how customers are changing the business landscape/

Prime Time for Streaming TV

National networks are distributing TV online to increase consumer touch points, but what does that mean for network affiliates?

The Word on the Floor

Various polls at the Association of National Advertisers Conference in Phoenix in early October asked for attendees' anonymous participation through electronic polling devices. Here are some of the results.

The Pulse

What do you think of viral marketing?

Market Focus: Energy/Utilities -- Speaking Truth to Power (Companies)

Analytics are increasingly leveraged for insight into customer behavior.

Required Reading: Service with a (Real) Smile


Document Management That's a Breeze

An international provider of air compressors gets Longwood Software to pump up its extensive library.

Customers Gain Traction with Off-Road Vehicles

In the business of producing all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and motorcycles, customer service can get downright dirty.

Getting Connected with Surveys

Covad achieves fat customer satisfaction with HyperQuality.

Mobile Data Gets Better Reception

With Antenna Software, the sales force for satellite-service provider DirecTV gets information when it's most needed.

Secret of My Success

Predicting Debt

One of Michigan's largest energy providers turns to Intelligent Results to analyze the state's bankruptcy-stricken population.


Tech Solution: Defect-Tracking Software

Business Problem: A business is unable to track product-defect issues across development teams and customers.

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