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August 2007

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Paper Cuts

Most of your customers now say they prefer electronic bills to paper ones. This can be great news--provided you make the most of the opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship

Making the Most of Marketing

Optimizing operations can intimidate the strongest of marketing departments, but with able people, good processes, and strong technology, the beast may be conquered, one bite at a time.

The Voices of Reason

Speech technology experts reveal the value of analytics and the secrets of locating what your customers say about you.

Front Office

Automation Proves Its Value

Automation is beginning to prove its value--not only in cutting costs, but in driving revenue as well.

Reality Check

The Rise of the Digital Client

Catering to this new breed of always-on customer will require a new approach to CRM.

Customer Centricity

The Decisions of Negotiation

Last-minute conflicts often lead to a no-sale. Why risk it when you don't have to?

The Tipping Point

A Weak Connection

Ignoring customer needs is extremely shortsighted and expensive.

Pint of View

Capital Ideas

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover -- or a company by its name.


The Age of WIT?

Indian consultancies are increasing their pursuit of their Western competitors, and are experiencing similar outsourcing issues.

iPhone: Friend or Foe?

The June 29 release of Apple's new iPhone could be a marketer's dream come true.

Market Focus: Financial Services--Cashing In on Integration

Financial services companies must focus on shifting away from siloed processes across departments and channels.

Market Focus: Financial Services--Case Study

Barclaycard Business: Financing workforce management.

Required Reading: You Just Got Punk'd!

destinationCRM Dashboard

The Pulse: How Would You Describe the Communication Between Your Marketing and Your Sales Departments?


Publishing a Plan for Making the Grade

A $9 billion printing-solutions company turns to AchieveGlobal to develop a comprehensive agent-training program

Critical Care for Health Records

Monitoring the Partners

NetSuite helps ViewSonic revamp its PRM capabilities for better insight and communication.

Readily Readable

A marketing company slashes the time and effort it spends creating reports with the help of performance management software.

Secret of My Success

McAfee Automates Online Service

The software security giant turns to Citrix to leverage chat and remote assistance in the call center.


Tech Solution: Internet Marketing Solutions

Business Problem: Marketers lack the ability to launch targeted, analytics-driven marketing campaigns online.

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