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November 2006

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Introduction to Generation Nation: Table of Contents

Generation Nation '06: This special issue presents an overview of population trends for consumer strategists that divides America into a nation of generations.

Y Me

Members of Generation Y were the first to mature in a media-saturated, tech-savvy world--here's how to blow past the buzz and get the brand into their brains.

X Ways

Generation X's consumer identity isn't easy to pin down, but a large aspect of successful selling to this crowd involves clarity, honesty, and open communication.

Wild & Crazy

Companies see green in this graying generation's attitudes and outlook on life.

Elder Effect

Consumers in their mid-60s and older are marketing's underserved age bracket, and campaigns usually miss the mark with this generation. Read on for tips on how to fix these efforts' misfires.

Front Office

The Growing Consumer Disloyalty

There isn't much difference across generations when it comes to consumer loyalty.

Reality Check

Above the Sales Funnel

Increasing sales performance demands that lead generation optimization be top of mind.

Customer Centricity

Try to Dig What We All Say

It's time for marketers to understand how social networking sites cater to every generation.

The Tipping Point

Monetizing Media

Retailers can leverage brand assets and CRM capabilities to build a winning media business.

Pint of View

CRM Around the World, Take Two

Our plot to warp people's minds is working--here's proof.


Will DVR Kill the TV Adsters?

Television marketing must realize a choice for its future: cope or fight.

The Ring Dynasty: China's Contact Center Market Intensifies

The country's vast population and growing economy are just two of the reasons for the expected uptake.

Climbing the MDM Ladder

Enterprises must walk up the new rungs of MDM and CDI solutions to remain competitive.

Market Focus: High Tech: Completing the Circuit

Complex gear requires business processes to match.

Statistically Speaking

Required Reading: What's Your Competitive Advantage?

Companies are failing to identify it.

The Pulse: Does your contact center measure customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, neither, or both?


Curbing PC Downtime

Ardence centralizes a cable outlet with app streaming.

A Chilean Telecom's Poetic ROI

Unica helps to streamline campaigns and manage a burgeoning customer base for VTR GlobalCom in the land of poets.

Speech Recognition Leads to R&R

Fluency Voice Technology helps a travel services company provide its customers with more communication choice.

Global Industrial Revamps Its Catalog

The "idea of integration" becomes real for a company struggling with a virtually obsolete order management system.

Secret of My Success: This Old CRM

Citrix's GoToWebinar rebuilds a home improvement firm's customer-training capabilities.


Tech Solution: Email Management Tools

Business Problem: Poor email response times lead to increased numbers of phone calls to the contact center.

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