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August 2006

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Try It, You'll Like It

Nailing sales end-user buy-in has been a long-standing challenge for organizations that decide to implement a CRM system. Here, how to gain compliance and what to watch for.

The Maturation of MRM

Marketing resource management is growing up--and adding muscle to ROI--as companies seek to codify strategies and track marketing budgets.

The Why Factor in Speech Analytics

Don't allow the customer information that lies in recorded calls to go unreported and unnoticed--incorporating speech analytics can help improve business areas enterprisewide.

Front Office

The Response You Don't Want

Many business professionals still need some convincing when it comes to using CRM technology.

Reality Check

A Real-Time CRM Software Capabilities Test

ISM's yearly winners must meet five functionality benchmarks to make the grade.

Customer Centricity

Culture and Skills: The Right Route

Sending customer service queries to employees who are not trained in customer care is the wrong way to go.

The Tipping Point

Marketing Investments: Three Tips for Increasing Operational Efficiency

Get more dollar value by paying less, going lean, and outsourcing more.

Pint of View

A Treatise Concerning the Flogging of Expired Equines

Sell me once, shame on you; sell me twice, shame on...you.


On the Scene: G-Force 2006--Model Maturity

Highlights of a contact center capability model.

Seeing Red Over Broken Wings

The marketing of energy drinks to four-year-olds cues questions of social responsibility.

Every Day I Stand the Queue

Contactless payments and line-busting techniques are penetrating busy retail venues, to the delight of shoppers and staff.

Market Focus: The Public Sector--Eye on the State

Local and national governments are turning to CRM to satisfy the citizen-as-consumer.

Statistically Speaking

Required Reading: CCOs and the Power Core

CRM's Colin Beasty spoke with Jeanne Bliss about her book, "Chief Customer Officer."

On the Scene: SAPPHIRE '06: SAP Continues Its Enterprise SOA Push

The enterprise software company underscores its on-demand CRM capabilities while continuing with its enterprise services architecture approach

The Pulse: How do guided selling tools improve your business?


Selecting a Remote Relief

Keeping lap-tops up and running is essential.

Money Changes Everything

Callidus helps a financial force straighten out its transactions.

Clicking the Tires

The Chrysler Group talks to site visitors through eStara during potential purchase opportunities.

Conventional Wisdom

Phoenix flies high with effective travel, hospitality, and convention business marketing.

Secret of My Success: PRM Goes VARs(ity)

A software manufacturer finds that Siebel functionality fits.


Tech Solution: Partner Relationship Management Tools

Business Problem: Channel managers are struggling to exchange customer info with their partner network.

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