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December 2005

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The Year in (P)review

Looking back, and to the future: CRM trends and events to watch.

A Healthy Dose of CRM

Healthcare organizations are striving to improve customer relationships in three critical ways.

11 Ways to Ensure CRM Success

We asked consultants to list some common CRM mistakes, and to then advise readers on how to avoid them.

Front Office

Straighten Up and Fly Right

A bad customer experience is only the beginning of a much bigger problem for sizeable airlines.

Reality Check

What's Hot, What's Not, and What's Next

At year end we evaluate the impact of SaaS, Siebel, and knowledge sharing and analytics.

Customer Centricity

A Word Is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Mine the rich source of customer information that lies buried in recorded calls.

The Tipping Point

Goodbye ROI

It's time to alter how we think about financial rewards from technology investments--not all rewards are tangible.

Pint of View

CRM the Santa Way

ERP (elf resource planning)


Oracle and Siebel: What Does It Mean for Customers?

End-users are looking for answers as they wait for the planned acquisition to close.

The Making of Oracle: A Timeline

Consultants Are Standing By

Siebel and Oracle partners try to relieve customer headaches.

The Competitive Threat

SAP, Onyx, and others look to seduce leery customers.

Oracle's Quest for Siebel: Where Does NetSuite Stand?

Commoditized technology puts the on-demand player in a 'pretty strong' position.

Oracle's First Fusion App

Oracle plans to release its first fused application in January 2006.

destinationCRM Dashboard

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Quotables: All About Oracle

Culled observation and opinion.


CSAA Steers Its Performance Management

To ease supervisors' time-intensive data-collection method, the organization created an in-house tool.

From Sight to Insight

A vision-correction practice integrates with GoldMine for sharp results.

Self-Service Gets Graphic

A reworked support blueprint leads to a near perfect self-service rate.

Cleaning a 75 Million Name Database

A large publishing company turned to data cleansing to power up its enormous customer database.

A Web Site Gets the Royal Treatment

Optimizing an online booking channel helped to boost hotel reservations.

Cost Reduction Gets a Dutch Touch With Data Mining

"We were really surprised the way such an amount of money [was] saved by implementing a data mining tool."

Building by Bits Unblocks ROI

Gathering far-flung customer information solidifies a development model.

Secret of My Success

Secret of My Success: Cendant Car Rental Group


Tech Solution: Sales Forecasting Tools

Business Problem: Managers can't predict the sales pipeline.

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