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November 2005

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CRM's High Wireless Act

Wireless immediacy allows enterprises to pursue CRM simplicity with powerful rewards for everyday functions.

Banking on Big Green

Financial services firms have retargeted their investments in customer-facing processes and are reaping the rewards.

Avoiding the Speech Rec. Wreck

Speech recognition has struggled to move into the mainstream, but these applications are picking up where touch tone IVR leaves off.

Front Office

Bye-Bye Boomers, Welcome Yers

There's no question that when boomers retire their spending habits will change. However, this doesn't mean economic calamity for Wall Street, as several factors can help sustain the economy.

Reality Check

Keeping the Faith

A tale of two companies' implementation experience--one sings, the other doesn't.

Customer Centricity

The Art of Selling IT

Capture cooperation and excitement around CRM technology for its full benefits.

The Tipping Point

Acquisition Predictions

Oracle's plan to acquire fallen CRM star Siebel Systems begs the question: Which company is next?

Pint of View

Thanks for the Ammo

Customer relationship mismanagement gives us venal warm fuzzies.


Data Quality Consolidation Continues

Pitney Bowes' move to acquire the remaining outstanding shares of Firstlogic is part of the latest wave of data quality consolidation.

What Is SOA?

The basics behind service-oriented architecture.

Wonders of a Wireless World

Third generation--3G--technology is finally arriving after years of mishaps and delays.

When Disaster Strikes

CRM technology can help put the pieces back together.

Required Reading: Cashing in on Contact Centers

Donna Fluss, principal of DMG Consulting, spoke with CRM magazine's Colin Beasty about her new book, "The Real-Time Contact Center."

The Pulse: How are you using blogs in your business?

destinationCRM Dashboard

Statistically Speaking

On the Scene: Mapping CRM's Growth Path

Where are financial services providers in the CRM maturation process?


Sewing Up Online Offers

Test to understand what compels customers to convert.

Leads and Sales Hum for a Car Dealership

Lou Fusz Automotive Network turns to AVV from Autobytel.

Consulting Workforce Woes

Accenture turns to IEX's TotalView to manage three Indian call centers.

Learning to Share: Marketing and Sales

Eloqua's Marketing Conversion suite gives both divisions insight into what the other is doing.

Better Info Leads to Better Campaigns

SPSS Software provides quick analysis and answers.

Flying With Avaya

Edmonton Airport installed IP-based technology to manage its phones, also helping safety levels and improving customer service.

Secret of My Success

First American

A financial services firm reinvests in support.


Tech Solution: Marketing Campaign Management Software

Business Problem: Decision-makers have no insight into marketing effectiveness.

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