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January 2005

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Profits, One Customer at a Time

CRM strategists often speak of improving company performance by boosting revenue on a per-customer basis. CRM magazine cuts through the hype to examine what individual customer profitability can--and cannot--do for your business.

The 6 Most Overlooked Customer Touch Points

Think the only impressions your company makes are through branding, sales calls, and customer service? Think again. Mishandling interactions like reference management and billing can cause customer defection as quickly as a poor contact center experience

6 Secrets to Selecting the Right Contact Center Location

Critical for success is a balanced solution that meets the needs of both an organization and its customers.

Front Office

Branding: It's All About the Experience

Deliver a positive experience on a consistent basis.

Reality Check

5 Ways to Refocus Your CRM Efforts

This year, seize new opportunities for gaining--and keeping--customer loyalty.

Customer Centricity

Do Your Customers See Your Value?

If customers fail to see value, they regard your products or services as commodities.


Revitalizing a CRM Strategy

It's all really about being customer-centric.

CRM With No Money Down

Open source CRM vendors are trying to transform the industry.

Changing ''My'' Clients to ''Our'' Clients

Managing relationships is like an anthropological dig.

The Next CRM Hot Spot?

Latin American companies add flavor to their services.

Statistically Speaking

The number of call center agents in South Africa will quadruple over the next four years, and the total number of agent positions in South Africa is predicted to rise to 69,600 by 2008. --Datamonitor

Required Reading: Who Is the Voice of Your Company?

The folks in charge of the marketing, image, and branding typically don't pay much attention to the guys in the call centers.

The Pulse: What is your customers' primary touch point within your ogranization?

Capturing Loyalty in Business Travel

A new study examines customers' selection criteria between travel suppliers' Web sites'

Heard and Overheard

Secret of My Success

Aviall Services Uses CRM to Improve Collaboration--and Revenue

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