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June 2003

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A Slice of the Good Life: Introduction

March 18, 2003. Just another day. Or was it? To those in the CRM industry it was one more opportunity to improve customer service, streamline CRM processes, and build revenue. CRM magazine hit the road that day and shadowed people throughout the United States who are immersed in CRM: executives at four customer companies, including sales, marketing, contact center, and IT folks; two analysts; the CTO and a sales manager of an integration firm; and a key account salesperson for an enterprise CRM vendor. The goal was to uncover the role CRM plays in their jobs and for their companies on a typical day. What we found was anything but ordinary. Following is our inside look at a day in the life of CRM.

A Slice of the Good Life: Washington, D.C.--AARP

Labor of Love

A Slice of the Good Life: Boston Analyst

AMR Research

A Slice of the Good Life: Dallas--Ascendix Technologies

Great Teams Think Alike

A Slice of the Good Life: Philadelphia--Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Company

Sales in the City

A Slice of the Good Life: San Francisco--SymphonyRPM

Murphy's Law

A Slice of the Good Life: Rockford, IL--Rapid Granulator

A Solid Foundation

Front Office

A Day in the Life of CRM

Reality Check

PRM Is Not So Different From CRM After All

Channel partners are salespeople, too. It's time we recognize the relationship for what it actually is.


Good Things Come in Small Packages

When it comes to CRM size matters, but that doesn't mean bigger is better.

Hosts With the Most (Partners, That Is)

Vertical Focus: High-Tech

News in Brief

Heard and Overheard

Hot Seat: Ruth Fornell on Data Quality

Market Watch: Marketing Automation

CRM Defined: Real-Time Enterprise

PeopleSoft Dives Into the Mid-Market


Feel the Love

As in any relationship, being considerate and responsive goes a long way towards developing devotion.


Do-it-Yourself CRM

The system is called OSCAR (Optimus Solutions Customers and Relationship Manager), and is used for all of the company's contact management and sales force automation.

One CRM Success Leads to Another

FSC executives were so pleased with its first CRM project that they happily took on a second. But delivering access across the enterprise proved to be a challenging workflow problem.

CRM in Action: Creating Cost Savings

Secret of My Success

Scoring With an Inside Pitch

How Erik Seoane, director of service delivery for Intuit's Turbo Tax, convinced the company's CIO and CFO to embrace CRM.

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