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January 2002

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What's Next?

Four industry experts weigh in with their predictions about what the future holds for CRM.

Great Expectations

Customer satisfaction data on CRM software is in, and no one is smiling.

Mission Critical: Encouraging Collaboration

Breaking down boundaries between internal departments and outside partners proves vital to CRM success.

Solutions of the World: Part II

Through economic woes and political upheaval, CRM continues its march around the globe.

Front Office

The Sky Is Not Falling, Chicken Little.

Reality Check

CRM Comes From the Heart

Only companies with good intentions toward customers can successfully practice CRM.


Pinpointing the Problem

TeaLeaf Technology gives e-businesses a way to analyze online transactions, identify problems and quickly correct them.

Putting It Together

By combining multiple touch points, Teloquent gives customers a one-stop service option.

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