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March 2002

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Superhero to the Rescue

Faster than a speeding implementation. More powerful than a banking CEO. Able to turn around failed efforts in a single strategy meeting. It's a superhero. It's a CIO. No it's The Consultant.

Suite Dreams

Hilton's customers can rest easy knowing the hotel chain has no reservations about delivering outstanding service.


How companies can rev up rules engines to drive up profits.

We've been hearing Microsoft might enter CRM Is this true?

Using CRM to bolster loyalty and keep customers from switching to the competition

Front Office

Consultants Deserve Respect

Adam Klaber sits atop a $1 billion-plus CRM practice at one of the world's biggest consultancies.

Reality Check

How effective is self-service as a delivery vehicle?

The biggest impediment to CRM in a bad economy isn't the budget.


Just What the Doctor Ordered

A dose of technology revives one healthcare insurance firm

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